You know what's fun?

Watching grown men argue semantics for three hours. Oh wait! That's the opposite of fun.

This may have zapped my creativity today, but I'm soldiering on anyway.

I have been craving an either any Italian sub or a Turkey, Ranch, and Swiss from Quiznos for about a month now, but haven't been able to satisfy my craving due to the whole possibility-of-listeria-in-deli-meats thing plus the nitrates in things such as salami (mmmm....salami....). This has sucked. Then today everyone from my office was headed to Quiznos for lunch and I made a decision. I was going and I was getting exactly what I wanted. Kind of.

I got a turkey ranch and swiss, hold the turkey. And it was gloriously delicious. I want it again for dinner, which I'm still waiting for, but which is apparently less important than watching Jim Cramer tonight.

My life is all kinds of exciting today, right?


donna said...
November 8, 2007 at 9:33 PM

Isn't it ok to eat the meat as long as it's heated? That's what I thought. I hope so because I ate many a grilled ham and cheese sandwich when nothing else sounded good.

L Sass said...
November 9, 2007 at 11:05 AM

Mmm.... now I want Quizno's for lunch!!

All this talk about your cravings gives me cravings!

carrster said...
November 9, 2007 at 3:24 PM

I've actually eaten a lunchmeat sandwich about EVERY DAY of my pregnancy. There, I'm out. I admitted it. Sometimes I microwave it, sometimes I don't. I've never had a problem. My nurse at my first OB appt said the likelihood of listeria is rare and obviously don't eat OLD meats but I probably wouldn't have an issue - with that anyway! I've been having plenty of other issues....

I would say if your craving a sandwich - GET IT! They'll toast it for you which means you're in the clear anyway!

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