I'm out

And on my 100th post on this new site too!

I forgot to post yesterday (I also forgot to take my vitamins; I'm so fired), so I'm officially a NaBloPoMo loser. Oops! But here's my excuse - my day yesterday:

Wake up early
Bake cake
Glimpse Thanksgiving Day parade as I run to the shower
Shower, primp, get dressed
Assemble cake
Glimpse Thanksgiving Day parade as I run out the door
Drive to Aaron's grandma's house
Visit and watch football
Drive to Aaron's aunt's house
Visit and listen to everyone fawn over the baby (only one stomach grope!)
Listen to everyone discuss everything baby
Escape to rec room to watch football
Can still hear everyone discussing everything baby
Eat, eat, and eat some more
Discuss even more things baby (I'm the pregnant one and even I don't talk about babies that much!)
Give Aaron the "let's start heading home" meaningful look
Stand up and start packing up food and baby gifts (including a pair of very cute booties. LOVE!)
Say to Aaron "Let's start heading home" since he didn't interpret meaningful look
Slowly walk up the stairs hoping he'll get the hint and follow
He got the hint!
Hug, hug, and hug some more
Finally escape to the car; is an hour later than when I started giving meaningful looks
Drive home
Fall into bed


L Sass said...
November 25, 2007 at 8:13 PM

Sounds exhausting! Both a long day, and to have everyone talking incessantly about something that up til now has been a pretty private experience for you and Aaron.

Hope you got to rest up the rest of the weekend.

carrster said...
November 26, 2007 at 12:18 PM

I'm tired just from reading that!

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