TGI Saturday (and yesterday is over)

Yesterday got worse before it got better. Much worse. I started coughing really hard, which caused me to gag, which caused me to throw up for about five minutes straight. I hate throwing up, especially when I'm alone, which I was. I also broke a bunch of blood vessels around my eyes (a normal throwing-up-result for me) so it looks slightly like I got punched in both eyes.

So I had to cancel my meeting. I called my boss to ask her to reschedule and ended up crying on the phone to her which was beyond embarrassing. It really worried her, so I felt bad about that too. I assured her that I was fine, just upset about being so sick.

This was all after I talked to my dad and found out that my grandma won't be going home. She finally agreed that she needs to go into a nursing home because she can't even walk. This started the crying that started the coughing and so on.

But then my sister called and volunteered to come take care of me. I took a nap and that helped me feel better. Aaron came home with the ingredients for one of my favorite meals, and then he and my sister went out and got me ice cream. I managed to stay up to about ten, and then slept like a rock all night.

I'm feeling much better today, which I'm happy about. We went out and finally bought the chair that's my birthday/anniversary/Christmas present. (This is the one we ended up buying, and I love it. We pick it up on Wednesday night.) Then my sister treated me to lunch and my team is winning their football game at the moment (against Aaron's team). My parents are on their way back home tonight and might stop in, which would be awesome because I really miss them. They've been out west for a few weeks helping my brother move and then celebrating their 25th anniversary.

All in all, today has been about 1000% better than yesterday. I couldn't be happier about that fact.


carrster said...
November 3, 2007 at 10:47 PM

Ugh! Sorry about your crappy day! I'm glad that you're feeling better today.

Favorite meals + ice cream + sisters + new Lazyboys = yay!!

donna said...
November 4, 2007 at 9:51 AM

I'm glad you had someone to come take care of you. Sometimes that's all you need to feel better is just to not be alone. Well, that and your favorite meal and ice cream.

Love the chair!

L Sass said...
November 5, 2007 at 2:39 PM

I hope Monday goes much better for you... and that your comfy-looking chair arrives ASAP!

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