Things That Make Me Feel Good

  1. Sunshine, blue skies, green grass, spring flowers, and gentle warm breezes. Spring is here and my mood is sky-high happy about it.
  2. When I ask Gabbie what she wants to be when she grows up, and her immediate answer is, "A mommy. Just like you." It makes me feel like perhaps I am doing this mom-thing right.
  3. When Sophie asks for, "More kisses. Here, and here, and here." When I oblige she giggles, and then returns the favor.
  4. When Baby Brother kicks. There's nothing more comforting for a pregnant lady than good, strong, regular baby kicks.
  5. When my husband looks at me over the chaos all around us, caused by two lovely, energetic children, and agrees that these girls, and the boy on the way, were absolutely the best decisions we ever made.


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