10 Things about Sophie

1. When she answers in the affirmative, she either enthusiastically says, "YEAH!" or pronounces yes as "yesh."

2. However, her favorite word is "no."

3. She loves her hair, especially when I put a ponytail on the top, and will spend the day playing with it, especially when she's trying to fall asleep.

4. Speaking of what she does when trying to fall asleep, she prefers to rub my arm to settle down. Which is okay for a minute or so, but gets old very fast. Her sister used to do the same thing.

5. She loves to read books, and we can frequently go through upwards of 10 in a single setting.

6. She thinks her big sister is the coolest person in the entire world.

7. She is way more into potty training than we are at this point; we're following her lead.

8. She has been eating us out of house and home lately. I'm guessing she'll grow out of all her pants any day now.

9. She is the best cuddler and gives the best kisses in the entire world.

10. She is just the sweetest child I have ever met, and I hope she never, ever changes.

Bonus, number 11: She is going to be 2 in just over a month. How did that happen?


Cassie said...
November 8, 2012 at 1:41 PM

TWO?! Oh my goodness, that was fast. The second time around I think they grow up double time. She sounds like the most precious girl.

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