Five Gabbie-isms

Gabbie spends a good portion of her time lately making us giggle. Some ways she has been doing this:

Me: Look at the bunnies outside! They must be getting ready for Easter!
Gabbie: I have a big booger. Can you get it?

Gabbie: Daddy, my hands are dirty.
Aaron: No, they're not. They're fine.
Gabbie (mutters): Well, they are a little dirty.

Me: Gabbie, time to get up!
Gabbie - mutters, rolls over.
Me: Okay you have five minutes.

Five minutes later -
Me: Gabrielle!
Gabbie (shoots straight up in bed): I'm up!
(She is so not old enough for that yet!)

Gabbie: I wanna have a good time!
Me - puts on "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen
(My toddler roams around the house singing classic rock. Hilarious!)

Gabbie: ...and Grandma's at home!
Me: No, she's not, Sweetie. I'm sorry.
Gabbie: But, I want her!
Me: She had to go to her house, Babe.
Gabbie (tears up): But, I want her!
Me: Sorry, Honey. She's not there.
Gabbie (sobs): BUT, I WANT HER!
Me (giggling because she's so adorable): You can have me.
Gabbie (sobbing): No, I want Grandma!

And now, a picture taken by Grandma yesterday morning of my two silly girls:

I just absolutely love them.


Cassie said...
April 13, 2011 at 9:16 AM

What a sweet picture! Sophie is growing up so fast!

I love having conversations with Andrew these days, because he's bound to say something hilarious. His thing is always "I need," as in "I need grapes." When we tell him we don't have any, he responds, "But I NEED them!" Cue the hysterics that you described. (He always inevitably "needs" something we don't have in the house.)

And you really need to post a video of Gabbie singing Queen. Hilarious!

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