Ways in Which my Weekend Sucked

  1. Experiencing pregnancy hormones that make me weepy at the drop of a hat
  2. Carrying a baby that likes to bounce on my bladder making running errands quite interesting.
  3. Wanting to eat out on Saturday night but being thwarted by the large crowds brought into town by the MSU/Purdue game (GO STATE!) causing hour plus waits at every restaurant in town.
  4. Dealing with the worst heartburn I've ever had.
  5. Aaron having an issue that makes it hard for him to move/lift things and causes him a lot of pain, but also having him not listen to me and do three hours plus of yard work that just made things worse.
  6. Gabbie not using her listening ears. At all.
  7. Burning the batch of granola I made that I had been looking forward to all week.
  8. Not having ingredients I needed to make dinner yesterday (I fudged the recipe and it still turned out pretty darn delicious)
  9. Slicing through my fingernail (near the cuticle) with a sharp serrated knife while trying to slice bread. (OUCH!)
  10. Having my back go out last night.
However, my weekend was spent hanging out with my family, engaging in lots of cuddling and smiling a lot despite all the suckage, and really, no amount of suckage outweighs those things.


Cassie said...
November 22, 2010 at 10:06 AM

I hear you on number 6. Most. Frustrating. Thing. Ever. I hope your week is fantastic!

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