The Desire to Hibernate is Strong

I have to say, I am having a hard time thinking of anything to post about today. Despite two full-nights' sleep I am more tired today than normal. I blame being pregnant and the weather (it's supposed to snow tonight. Snow!). It's this time of year that I feel like doing nothing more than curling up on the couch with someone to cuddle, and alternately napping or watching a movie. Yep, that's about it.

Unfortunately I'm expected to do things, like work, parent, interact with my husband and others, cook, clean, etc. Don't people know it's hibernation time?

Fortunately I do get to hibernate for most of the winter. After the baby gets here, our only outings will likely be to daycare to drop Gabbie off or pick her up. I will be spending most of the winter cuddled up with the baby, watching movies or reading while she nurses or snoozes, and I kind of can't wait. Not kind of actually. I'm feeling ready for that to happen.

Now, off to do the million things I have to do before that happens, because, you know, feeling responsible and not wanting to leave extra work for others, and all that.


Cassie said...
November 4, 2010 at 11:30 AM

That was the best thing about having a winter baby for me. I could -- and did! -- use the weather as an excuse to not go anywhere or do anything. We spent so many hours curled up under a blanket together, and it was awesome. Even though the NEVER SLEEPING EVER really sucked, I would go back to that in an instant, just for those sweet little newborn cuddles on those cold days.

I know you'll enjoy every minute of it.

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