What is normal anyway?

As evidence of how off I am these days, I accidentally just posted this on my cooking website. I think I need another nap.

This weekend was a fairly quiet one. We only left the house twice - once to Target for a winter coat for the Gabbster and once to go out to dinner - and spent the entirety of yesterday in our pajamas. While it sounds nice, this was all because we were each feeling under the weather in some way or another. I've got the ankle thing going on (still hurts a lot, probably because I keep doing stuff I shouldn't), Aaron's had a bad cold for over a week now (and won't go to the doctor like I keep asking him to), and Gabbie got two molars. Since we were all pretty crabby due to not feeling good, we didn't talk much either. Mostly just napped and watched movies on TV.

In other news, it seems as if Gabbie is trying to edge Aaron out of our bed, and she's the only one that's particularly happy about it. Don't get me wrong, I love the cuddles, but I don't love being kicked in the face, having someone's rear end in my face, or waking up at 5 a.m. to someone (cutely, yes) saying, "HI MAMA" loudly in my ear. I also miss Aaron. He hasn't had more than a couple of hours in our bed since Thursday night.

This is going to have to stop soon, although I think it might be related to the teeth, so hopefully it will stop when the teeth are in. She sleeps in her own bed until about 3 a.m., but after that she's done sleeping unless one of us is cuddling with her.

So, yes. It's been a long week or so. I'm ready for things to go back to normal, but I have a feeling that "normal" is still a ways off.


Cassie said...
October 12, 2009 at 12:25 PM

Andrew has been sleeping pretty crappy lately too. For about a week he was waking up SCREAMING at 5 AM -- although he spared me that this morning, so I hope we've turned a corner. Since Joe works third shift Andrew can't kick him out of bed, so I brought Andrew in with me for some cuddles a couple of mornings. But then I started getting paranoid that he was only waking up because he was EXPECTING to come to bed with me, which would definitely cause problems in the future. So I stopped bringing him in with me. And now I miss the cuddles.

I guess I'm never happy, huh?

I hope all three of you start feeling much better soon!

blooot said...
October 12, 2009 at 5:56 PM

My son had a head like a bowling ball, and since we coslept until last week (okay, not really but it felt like that), his hard ball of a head spent two years smashing me into the night. When he was three, my husband put his foot down, since the boy accidentally broke Huz' nose in the middle of the night with his big ass hard head.

So yeah. Totally understand...not fun but so hard to get them to move!

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