Many Februarys Past

10 Years Ago I was…
  • A sophomore in college
  • An education major
  • Dating a great guy (and a few on the side – not one of my proudest actions)
  • Probably drunk
  • A smoker
  • Not eating
9 Years Ago I was…
  • A junior in college
  • Home for the semester, taking classes at the local community college
  • Was just about to start dating a truly great guy (now known as my husband)
  • Possibly drunk, but not even close to as often as before
  • An ex-smoker
  • Almost at a healthy weight
  • The happiest I had been in many years
5 Years Ago I was…
  • In my second year of graduate school
  • Engaged
  • Working full time
  • Even happier than I was at 9 years ago
2 Years Ago I was…
  • In Florida on vacation
  • Probably Drunk (mmm….Mojitos)
  • Still exceedingly happy
1 Year Ago I was…
  • Hugely pregnant (with three months yet to go), but also
  • Completely blissed-out; just a totally happy momma-to-be
Today I am
  • A wife (going on 5 years now)
  • A mom
  • Satisfied
  • Happier still than any of those times past.
Life hasn’t always been easy, but it does just keep getting better.

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Cassie said...
February 27, 2009 at 11:20 AM

This is a really neat idea for a post. I feel like I really know you now! I'm glad you're so happy. Life really does just keep getting better!

anneglamore said...
February 27, 2009 at 11:53 AM

That's a great way to look back at things!

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