Gabbie at 8 (and 1/2) Months

Man, babies get to be a lot of fun at around 8 months. Although I've said that about every month so far, but this really is the most fun she's ever been. Currently Gabbie likes:

  • Bubbles - they've been playing with bubbles at daycare lately, and apparently she absolutely loves them. Like, laughs so hard she has tears running down her face, won't pay attention anything else when they're being blown, screeches in delight kind of love. I think I'm going to have to buy some bubbles.
  • Fuzz - if there's a piece of fuzz or any other speck on the floor, she's on it like white on rice. She will creep or crawl (she's crawling!) to wherever the fuzz is and put it in her mouth as quickly as possible. I think she does that because she knows we'll pick it up and throw it away if we get to it first. She also pretend picks up fuzz and eats it. That's pretty hilarious. We call her "The Fuzz Hunter".
  • Bananas - She's totally bananas for bananas. Aaron and I each have a banana each morning and she bounces up and down when she sees us break one open and then yells at us until she gets a piece. Then she expects many more pieces. She'll even stare at them when she can see them on the counter in the morning and screech until we get one down. She's also a fan of whole peas, which we give her while we're eating dinner to keep her busy. She's got that pincer grip down cold.
  • Mom - Gabbie's a mommy's girl these days. She dives for me when I walk into the room and gives me hugs and kisses as soon as she's in my arms. It's wonderful, but I think Aaron gets a little jealous. He frequently asks her, "What am I, chopped liver?" I've told him the tides will change, but seeing as she's a big fan of nursing lately she comes to mom because mom has the good.
  • Standing - Gabbie has started pulling up on things, but she's not great at it yet. She does like to stand, though, so we set her up against the couch and she'll stand and play for hours if we let her.
  • Riding on Daddy's shoulders - This has to be the cutest thing ever, and she'll grab on to his hair and rear back while screeching, which makes him screech and me laugh. It's absolutely adorable!
Gabbie is currently not a fan of:
  • Naps or sleeping all night - there were a couple of weeks there where she did a great job, and two nights ago she did fabulously, but she's back on the "Sleep is for losers" bandwagon, and this is not at all fun for us.
  • Her carseat - we moved her up to the convertible seat because she was screaming so much in the bucket seat (and she was too long for it), but she doesn't seem to be a fan of this one either and cries through every car trip. I really hope this is just a phase.
  • Smacking her head on things - which she does regularly now that she's crawling and pulling up on things. She apparently has inherited my lack of grace/clumsiness, and regularly falls and hits her head or face plants. I'd be more worried if I didn't see every baby at daycare do the same things during this stage of development. When she does this she cries and wants to be picked up, and of course I pick her up, and then she hugs me and buries her face into my shoulder. 


carrster said...
February 12, 2009 at 9:20 PM

I agree. I think 8 months (and up) is so much fun!!

That's awesome that Gabbie's crawling and pulling herself up. She's going to be a little 2-legged explorer SOON!

Dahlia is off & on on the sleep thing. Naps, forget it. All night? We're on a positive trend...I hope it continues! Good luck!

Cassie said...
February 15, 2009 at 12:31 PM

I love your Gabbie updates -- I feel like I know the little chicklet! She sounds like she's doing awesome.

I agree with you that babies suddenly become some much more fun (as if that were possible) at 8 months and beyond. They seem to interact so much more, just like little people!

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