Pumping something other than iron

I currently feel as if I spend half of my day in the office naked from the waist up. I realize it's much less than that, but pumping for Gabbie is taking up much more time than I expected. And it's not going nearly as well as I expected. So much for my expectations I guess.

It's definitely weird to be unclothed at work, and a lot of other things about it are weird too. For some reason I feel strange carrying my expressed milk from my office to the refrigerator in the work room. I sneak it in there so no one will see it, as if it's very private and might offend. Same deal with the pump parts I have to clean after using them. Why should I care? It's milk, for heaven's sake, and it's basically a food for someone to eat, not something to be ashamed of. Still, I sneak it in there quickly so no one will see.

Another mom at work is currently weaning her daughter, so there has been an overabundance of boob talk around here lately. There has also been a lot of baby talk, which is, of course, my favorite subject. I try not to bring it up unless asked, though. Don't want to be that annoying person that only talks about their baby and nothing else (even if that is sort of what's happening here on this site). Still, people bring her up constantly, so I get to brag like the proud momma I am.

And now for something completely different - Monday Meal Planning may be coming back next week. May, but it's looking like probably. We made some excellent meals this week (along with one night of macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, and green beans because we really didn't have the energy to do anything fancier), and I'd love to share them. Now that I don't have Gabbie to distract me during the day, I can do things like plan meals, eat lunch without being interrupted a thousand times, and even pee in peace and quiet.

(I'd still rather have her distracting me all day, though.)


Cassie said...
August 15, 2008 at 10:31 AM

Best post title EVER. And don't worry -- I love all the baby talk on your blog. It makes me feel better for talking about MY baby so much on MY blog.

Yay, so happy Monday Meal Planning is returning! You always have the best recipes. Maybe you can give me some ideas because suddenly, I have cook's block.

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