Finding Out

Last Thursday night was a tough night, especially for Aaron who cannot stand it when I cry (he's in for a long nine months because I've cried every night since then too). I was crying because I had cramps. Bad cramps. And I was frustrated. We've been trying since the spring, and I really just wanted to be pregnant, but was convinced that these cramps = period coming.

So I cried and Aaron hugged and told me we'd try whatever we could think of to make this happen, but also that he thought I was pregnant already so don't worry about it until there's something to worry about. (He was, obviously, right about that.) (Must have been the crying I did the previous 4 days as well.) (Poor Aaron.)

So Friday morning I woke up and was surprised that I had not started overnight, like I normally do. "I'll just take a test for fun," I thought to myself.

And so I went and peed on yet another stick and set it down on the counter to wait the 3 minutes the box told me to wait. There was no line right away, so I picked up the magazine sitting on the counter and tried to be patient. I looked a few more times and then I couldn't believe my eyes. There was an incredibly faint line, but it was a line; the first I'd ever seen on a test I'd taken.

So, being smooth like I am, I started shaking and then I walked into the other bathroom where Aaron was taking his shower. "I don't want to get your hopes up," I said, "but I think there's a line here." (I know how to tell a man he's going to be a dad, don't I?)

He cracked open the shower door and said, "Yep, I see it. Kind of."

And we agreed to test again the next morning, which I did and it was much darker, but still took a little while to show up and wasn't the kind of dark I was hoping for.

All weekend long I was nauseated and tired, and Aaron said it was probably all in my head. Then on Tuesday morning I tested again. This time the "pregnant" line showed up before the other line, and it was dark.

Aaron saw it and hugged me. Then he smiled, slyly, and said, "Well, now we know my boys can swim!"

We're still getting our heads wrapped around this whole thing, and we're both having "Holy crap!" moments. But we're also both incredibly excited and nervous, and ready to find out what the future holds for our little family.


donna said...
September 13, 2007 at 9:51 AM

YEA!!!!! I love that you took two more tests.

How very exciting. I can't wait to hear all about your journey.

When do you go to the doctor for blood work?

L Sass said...
September 13, 2007 at 11:34 AM

YAY! How nerve wracking having to wait for solid proof... Congrats again. I'm so glad you're pregnant!

Isabel said...
September 13, 2007 at 11:46 AM

I love this story.

(And isn't it funny how guys can be so calm about it while us ladies are freaking out?!)

audrey said...
September 13, 2007 at 3:29 PM

I'm with Isabel -- I can't believe how calm he stayed through all those tests!

What a great story. I can't wait to hear more as your pregnancy progresses!

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