My Weekend Sucked!

Very rarely do I have a sucky weekend, but this one just about took the cake. I was actually happy for it to end and that never happens. Here's the reason for the sucktitude:

  • The worst part first: my back went out yesterday at noon. What was I doing to cause this? Oh, picking up a pile of socks. Seriously. That's all it took, and I've been in pain for going on 36 hours. Even the chiropractor didn't help much this time. I'm drinking to deal with the pain.
  • We tried (and failed) to go garage-saleing this weekend. We had a list of big sales in the area to attend, and couldn't find a damn one of them. One was supposed to be 40-houses big, and was nowhere to be found. The ones we did find were full of baby clothes which is something we don't need. Yet.
  • I was supposed to conduct a focus group this weekend in a town one hour plus away from my home. Saturday night was the scheduled time. Well, for us it was the scheduled time. For the rest of the group the time was next Saturday night. That was three hours cut out of my Saturday night, most of which spent in a car, and I loathe being in the car. Especially on the freeway.
  • I didn't get the post done on a fun new craft that I wanted to finish last week for two reasons. 1)It was too hot and I couldn't stand the heat of the laptop on my lap, and 2)I couldn't lift the laptop onto my lap anyway (see bullet 1, above.)
I hope others out there had a much better weekend than I had. It wouldn't be hard, I'm sure. The only good thing about the weekend? I was so happy it was finally over that I rocked it at work today (except for that part where the executive director caught me wearing flip-flops which is a total no-no).


Sizzle said...
June 18, 2007 at 6:25 PM

you can't wear flip flops? what kind of non-profit do you work for!?


hope the week makes up for the sucky weekend.

audrey said...
June 18, 2007 at 6:29 PM

WTF no flip flops? Girl, you need a better job! :)

I'm sorry you had a crappy weekend. I hope the week goes better!

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