I felt like writing today

A whole lot has happened since the last time I typed anything into this post box, including the birth of this little guy and 9 months of growing up already under our belts.
This is Rex. He is, as the picture states, a complete cutie pie, and I love him to absolute pieces. Before he was born, I really didn't buy in to everyone telling me that boys and girls are different creatures. People are people are people, right? Wrong. Now, it may just be his personality, but this guy is all boy. We joke that he loves hard - by hitting, pinching, headbutting, and biting all his favorite people (me, especially). He loves to play with cars, watch sports with his dad, and can turn anything into a drum and drum stick. The more noise the better! Rex also has a very loud voice, like his dad, and has a lot to say with that voice.

He was an excellent sleeper for a couple of months, but lately has taken a turn toward regular mid-night parties. I think it's the new tooth that came through and the other three that are about to follow suit.

So far he eats anything and everything, and I hope that stays true. I could deal with one child that actually eats. He's also very good at his gross motor skills, and has been crawling and pulling up since right before he turned 6 months old. He has lately started cruising along furniture more, and I wouldn't be surprised if he started walking soon. I'll be okay with it if he doesn't, though. He's already fast enough as-is, and in to EVERYTHING. We can't leave him alone for a second without him heading for the most dangerous or not-baby-friendly item in the room. We have a lot of clear tables and things put high up out-of-reach right now, and have gotten very creative with what we can use as barriers to things we don't want him to get into.

The most important thing is that, overall, he is a very happy guy. He loves his sisters so much, and wants nothing more than to keep up with them and do what they are doing. His sisters love him right back. Nearly every morning Sophie greats him with a, "Good morning, Handsome Guy!" and comments about how cute he is.

We also have a rising first grader and preschooler now, which should be nearly impossible, but  seems to be true. Gabbie had a great year of Kindergarten and is a reading, writing, drawing, math-crazy fool. I know that when you have kids, everything they do seems like the MOST AMAZING THING EVER, but I have to admit that having raised a literate human being is pretty darn amazing! I swell up with pride and love every time she reads to me. I had a conversation with Sophie's teacher this morning that leads me to believe that she will soon be following in her sister's reading footsteps. Sophie is still so much like me in that reading is her favorite thing, so I don't doubt that she'll be reading on her own before we know it.

Having three kids is just as hard as everyone said it would be. Aaron and I are constantly exhausted and we never get anything done. Our house is a disaster area most of the time, and our yard is long-neglected. We would love to accomplish everything on our to-do lists as soon as possible. However, the joy that these three little humans bring us is immeasurable, and I think that's a pretty fair trade-off.


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