In the off-chance you might be a little bored...

Today I have found myself stuck in a Reddit-caused internet wormhole, which started from the following posted question:
"What are the best random facts you know, Reddit?"
I'm not very far down the list, but this exchange, so far, is my favorite (and completely made me LOL):
"[–]joonyung 127 points128 points129 points 5 hours ago
'stewardesses' is the longest word that is entirely typed with your left hand on the keyboard.

[–]sleepyworm 380 points381 points382 points 3 hours ago

That's only because nobody believes me when I tell them that breasttastetester is a word."
I love this kind of stuff (and people are funny)!

My favorite random fact from recent history includes this awesomeness/Scrabble tip: The last word in the OED is "zxyt."

Once I start down this random fact road, I always want more. So, hit me up. What is your favorite random fact?


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