Lessons from my Weekend

We had one heck of a busy and wonderful weekend; I'm still kind of recovering from all the (good) craziness. I also learned several things this weekend that I thought I should share:

1. Jamie Oliver's basic pizza recipe is fan-damn-tastic. Especially if you bake it on a pizza stone. It's the best pizza I've ever made at home and much better than any of the delivery places we have in town. Now I just have to find an equally delicious deep-dish recipe and I'll be all set.

2. It is not wise to take two kids, one of whom is (mostly) non-mobile, by yourself to go strawberry picking. For several reasons, the least of which is that you may still be sore in the thighs and rear three days later because of the child juggling and bending down and the awkwardness of it all.

3. Telling Gabbie something is dirty is the quickest way to get her to leave it alone. All the other children at the strawberry patch came out very berry-stained around the mouth and hands. Gabbie however? Only ate one berry because I told her it was okay. She's a good kid, that one.

4. Also related to strawberry picking - don't pick more than you can process the same day. I was very sad to have to throw out more than a pound of what we had picked.

5. If you set my youngest child on the floor these days, it is not unlike you have placed a child on a hill - she rolls and rolls and picks up speed. Then she gets stuck under the couch or the entertainment center and yells. It's adorable but also makes me even more busy than I was before!

6. If, in one single weekend, you: make pizza, pick strawberries, go to a jazz fest, run a million little errands, go to the zoo, cook three meals a day, parent your children, make and can strawberry jam, make a strawberry lemonade icebox pie, and read an entire book? You may end up crying from exhaustion at around 7 pm on a Sunday night.

There were some other lessons I had in mind, but then I got busy and forgot them. Also? I'm still exhausted.


Cassie said...
June 21, 2011 at 11:35 AM

Okay, you're getting comments for both your sites on this post, since I still am not able to comment on your food blog.

It sounds like you had an amazing weekend -- busy, but amazing. I loved the pictures you posted of FB/Instagram of Gabbie at the strawberry patch and on the pony. It's completely foreign to me that she won't touch dirty things, since saying the words "dirty" or "yucky" seems to give my boys MORE incentive to touch something that is described one of those ways. Oh, the differences between boys and girls. And I really, really want to try that pizza recipe. Really, really a lot. And what book did you read?

And now, the food stuff: I love that you topped the strawberry lemonade pie with whipped cream. That's what I would do, too, since we're not huge meringue fans around here. And I've been dying to try strawberry lemonade with basil!

Here are the strawberry recipes on my list to make when our neighbor shares his (always gigantic) harvest with us:

Strawberry limeade
Strawberry cheesecake crescent rolls
Strawberry nutella muffins
Strawberry bread
Strawberry lemonade muffins
Strawberry ooey gooey cake

wm said...
July 8, 2011 at 11:48 PM

Wow, that's quite a weekend. You are a brave woman for taking them both picking with you. I imagine it's tough to carry one, supervise one and pick!

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