We are such suckers for a good deal!

This weekend Aaron and I reclaimed our titles as King and Queen of Major Appliance Impulse Buys, when we came upon a killer deal on a new (slightly scratched) washer and drier at Lowes. We were just there to buy some tools to work on the yard and a few flowers to plant, but were also trying to wear Gabbie out so she would sleep when we got home and we could work outside without worrying about entertaining her as well. Our method involves running her around Lowes a couple of times while daydreaming about all of the things we could do to our house. As we approached the appliance section, they were bringing out a washing machine that we had admired several times before. Then we noticed that it had a big 1/2 price sticker on it. When we saw them also bring out the drier we were sold. The guy working back there said that either we should buy it, or he was going to on his break in a little while, because it was such a great deal. We beat him to it, and are very happy to be replacing the current pair we use that is 20+ years old. It's especially nice because in just six short months we'll be doing a lot of extra laundry, and this way we can do it with less worrying about how much water and electricity we're using.

Other weekend highlights included finally taking Gabbie to see the new Shrek movie (we all loved it), working on our front yard so that the annoying guy down the block can finally stop whining about us (long story, he's a douche, although not the only reason we finally put some extra effort into the yard), feeling much less of the first trimester yuckiness I had been experiencing, hanging out with friends on our deck, and finding out that the new mosquito bite remedy I read about (put a little anti-persperant on the bite) actually seems to work!

Weekends are no where near as relaxing now that we're parents and home owners, but I have to say, this one was definitely not too shabby. The only problem I have is that it was a few days too short, but that's always the case.

(Post-Script: I just wrote cakes instead of case in that last sentence. Can you tell where my brain is this morning?)


Cassie said...
June 14, 2010 at 10:55 AM

I hate neighbor drama. The three houses across the street from us are all older couples, and the houses on either side of us are younger couples, and I'm sure the old folks always bitch about us because our lawns are never as short and perfectly manicured as theirs. Oh well!

Nice deal on the washer and dryer! That's how we got our fridge when we remodeled our kitchen a couple of years ago -- a family brought it back because their 3-year-old kept opening the freezer (it's a French door fridge). Fast-forward 2 years, and guess what Andrew has now learned to do?! Sigh.

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