Venting needed to prevent imminent head explosion

Today? Oh today. Today can suck it. I'm currently in the customer service logic circle of hell with a company I'll call Fomfast. Fomfast was supposed to send me a giftcard for signing up with them. I signed up with them when we moved into our house about 10 months ago, so common sense would indicate that I should have received the giftcard by now. So I called them. They forwarded my information on to someone else who let me know that Fomfast hadn't provided them with correct information and that I needed to call them to tell them this.

So I did. And they told me something else, which is basically that I need to talk to the people who need me to talk to Fomfast, and on, and on, and on.

My favorite part about the whole thing is when the woman from Fomfast told me she had a different email address for me to try and started, "www." CLEARLY not an EMAIL ADDRESS. So I went to that website (NOT EMAIL) and put in my information and, of course, the system doesn't have any information on me because they haven't received it from Fomfast, WHO TOLD ME TO CALL THIS OTHER COMPANY ABOUT MY PROBLEM.

I also liked it when the customer service person told me I went to fast and could I slow down and explain my problem again? This was after my first spin round the logic circle from hell. So I slowed it down and used idiot-level words and she started to seem like she got it and then went into the email address debacle above.

I had to call Aaron to let him now the ball was now in his court because in my current hormonal state if I have to take another spin around this problem my head is going to seriously, nearly quite literally, explode.


They're supposed to call me back with an automated customer service satisfaction survey. This should be fun!

(Also, I SO deserve a HUGE glass of wine tonight. SO DESERVE!)


Cassie said...
April 7, 2010 at 3:35 PM

Dude. You need to embark on a Dooce-style Twitter attack. It doesn't seem like that hard of a thing to understand. You didn't get the giftcard they promised, so please send it, please and thank you. What's so hard about that?!

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