My Baby!

I am taking offense lately to the speed at which Gabbie
is growing up. I realized last night that we have less than four months until she turns two. 2! How can my baby be almost two? Then I had to work hard at not crying because Aaron would have made fun of me for it.

She does all kinds of new things lately, and is becoming much more aware of herself and her body. She is obsessed with all things diaper-area related. She lets us know if she has tooted or points out if one of us does the same. She will disappear for a while and the reappear suddenly, gleefully announcing, "poop!". The other day I walked into the family room to heck on her because she was being awfully quiet, and there she was, laying on top of her changing pad on the floor, a diaper in hand, patiently waiting to be changed. Methinks that potty training will happen sooner than later.

She also likes to narrate whatever we're doing - getting dressed is a chorus of, "shirt! Pants! Socks! Shoes! Hat!". She parrots everything we say, even the bad words (oops- should probably start watching my mouth - especially since the unfortunate dammit incident).

I can't believe she's getting so big. Except for the newly emerging tantrums, I want to freeze time and keep her my baby, not my big girl. I guess I'll let her grow up, though, since I don't have a choice and she keeps getting more fun the older she gets.


Cassie said...
January 29, 2010 at 2:17 PM

Her hair is getting so long! That second picture is priceless -- what a ham!

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