The best thing about Mondays

Is our two favorite comedies - The Big Bang Theory (Aaron's fave) and How I Met Your Mother (mine). We can definitely use the humor on days like today when work was beyond busy and we're so far past tired it's ridiculous.

Speaking of things that are ridiculous, you know what else is? My level of nervousness about the election tomorrow. So nervous, and so opposed to what my husband thinks, that we have outlawed talking about it at our house. This makes watching the news impossible, as neither of us is capable of watching it without comment. So we're pretty much on a media blackout outside of the above mentioned shows.

(As I type this Aaron is breaking this rule, while at the same time admitting that it's likely my side will win. I sure as heck hope so.)

This rule was doubly applied after heavy discussion of some anti-Obama conspiracy theories this weekend. Very interesting and aggravating stuff. I can't believe what some other people will readily believe. I'm going to be glued to whatever television I come near tomorrow. Unfortunately, instead of spending the day reading CNN and the like while pretending to work, I'll be stuck at an all day strategic planning meeting. Should be an interminably long day. Perfect.


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