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There's a recent high school graduate that lives across the hall from us in our apartment building. He's currently living it up, since you know, done with school! However, his living it up is usually quite loud and late at night, which I am not enjoying. This includes drinking with his friends in our parking lot in the middle of the night a few days after we got home from the hospital with Gabbie, stumbling drunk up the stairs at four in the morning on a regular basis (which I hear because I'm up nursing), or his friends coming to play pranks on him.

This last one happened again last night, with his girlfriend using those window paints to paint a message on his car. Only, she did something that really pissed me off when I saw it this morning. She used the word "your" instead of "you're". Biggest pet peeve ever. I noticed it on my way to Target this morning and it took a lot of self control not to pick up some window paint to correct it.

Speaking of Target, I used to be quite good at avoiding going there and if I did, I was good at not buying too much. Enter baby, and we're there at least once a week spending more than we probably should. What is it with that store? I did pretty good this morning only buying two things that I didn't strictly need (mineral makeup and a jar of pasta sauce that was on sale), but that was mostly because I was pissed off after trying on clothes (do not want to talk about that, thanks, and yes I will still be wearing a maternity outfit to the wedding we're going to this weekend. Grrrr).

Anyway, someone seems to be waking up and I need to get to her before she starts yelling at me (not crying, really yelling) because she's starving hungry, and why didn't you feed me sooner, woman? Don't you know that I need you to cut my time between feedings in half?

Growth spurts are tiring.


audrey said...
June 27, 2008 at 12:04 PM

The worst thing about that particular case of your/you're? Is those kids are high school graduates! What is wrong with our education system??

My friend once got a tattoo with a typo in it. I think it said your'e. She was PISSED. I'm pretty sure the tattoo shop gave her a complimentary cover-up tattoo to fix it.

Cassie said...
June 27, 2008 at 3:20 PM

*shudder* Grammatical errors like that make me cringe.

Target is evil. EVIL.

And yes, growth spurts freakin' suck.

L Sass said...
June 30, 2008 at 9:10 AM

I love that the grammatical error in the prank drove you crazy! It would bug me, too!

As much as I bemoan the lack of Target in NYC, I definitely don't miss its money-sucking qualities!

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