Monday Meal Planning

The Return!

I think Aaron decided he has had it up to here (*puts hand at forehead level*) with catering to my every whim eating-wise, especially since my every whim is usually something like "I'm sooooo hungry but nothing sounds good!", or "I think I want stuffing and a cherry popsicle". He's also trying to ensure that I'm eating healthy and getting enough protein. To that end, he made a meal plan this week, which he really just took from our latest Everyday Food magazine, but hey it works, right?

Monday: Baked Ziti with Crunchy Italian Salad and Garlic Bread

Since all of the stores around here only carry arugula in 1 ounce packages and charge about $2 for said packages, our salad will be a little different, but other than that this meal sounds amazing. Right now, at least. I'm sure my tune will change right about when it's time to sit down and eat.

Tuesday: Stuffed Chicken Breast and Roasted Broccoli

We're cheating here too and using boxed stuffing with dried cranberries added in instead of making our own stuffing. I'm just too tired to do that much work lately! (About which Aaron is obviously thrilled.)

Wednesday: Country-Fried Steak with Green Beans and Rice

I'll admit, I'm feeling a little dubious about this one, but I'll probably at least try one bite. Maybe. I always have those popsicles to fall back on.

Thursday: Pork Tenderloin with Sauteed Apples and Leeks

We're doing the substitution thing here again: instead of pork tenderloin we're using some pork loin chops, and we have a bunch of onions, so we're using onions in place of the leeks. I'm also not so sure about this one. I didn't like pork (unless it was of the ham/bacon/sausage/hotdog variety) before I was pregnant, and since I'm having a hard time getting meat down now that I am pregnant this will be an interesting experiment.

Friday: Vegetarian Black Bean Chili

They didn't post a recipe for this one, but this recipe sounds pretty darn good too! He may regret this one too, as I'm already suffering from gas and heartburn (isn't pregnancy glamorous?). Luckily it's a Friday night and I don't have to be anywhere on Saturday in case the heartburn keeps me up all night.

Saturday: Date night. I'm making him take me out because I'm feeling lousy and am tired of sitting around the house feeling lousy. Why not do it somewhere that might distract me for a little while.

Sunday: Moroccan Chicken Stew with Sweet Potatoes

This one looks delcious in the magazine, except for the fact that they say to serve it with couscous and Aaron hates couscous. Maybe we'll serve it over egg noodles.

So there's the meal plan for this week. I'm trying to have high hopes that I'll eat an actual meal every night instead of the snacking I've been doing instead lately.


Anonymous said...
October 15, 2007 at 11:08 AM

Sounds like a good food week.

I will say that at this stage in your pregnancy, the baby is taking what the baby needs. Try to eat healthy and take your pre-natals but honestly if something makes you want to hurl, don't push it. My husband was the same way - trying to make sure that I was eating a balanced diet. Then the doctor told him to let up on me until I felt better and assured him as long as I could get those pre-natals down I was doing ok and so was the baby.

Have you tried Preggie Pops? Supposedly they work for nausea - they have ginger in them - but I discovered them well after my hurl-ish stage so I never got to test them. Like you, popsicles worked for me.

Take care - this stage is almost over!

Sizzle said...
October 15, 2007 at 2:57 PM

i am SO hungry. i shouldn't have read this post before lunch.

L Sass said...
October 15, 2007 at 5:06 PM

THANK GOD I was already planning to have garlic bread with dinner tonight. Otherwise, this post would have been too much to handle!

Hope you're feeling less nauseous.

carrster said...
October 16, 2007 at 2:01 PM

oh yes, my popsicle phase was about the same time during my pregnancy that you're at. They were SOOOOO good. :)

I'm doing menu planning this week - so far so good! It's just a huge relief to not have to think about what's for dinner and then have to run to the store because we have nothing on hand.

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